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The Independent Private Investigator Nai partakes your wishes to reclaim the truth, reunite the missing puzzle and regain the faith you lost.

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ArtaCity Donor Reward Program

Making charity isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's a holy agenda. But what if you could earn a living for the rest of your life when you simply dropping your unused bucks to THCOM or a THCOM registered charity. Precisely to say that you first have your goodself registered by becoming a life member to ArtaCity®. You're then qualify to begin or make your first heartfelt contribution as soon as your personal identification is confirmed. Make your choice wisely. Choose the community or communities of your preference from Twin Hall Charitable List to care for. Periodically, you will make use of your unused bucks under our ArtaCity® Charitable Programme which dedicates your concern to your chosen communities. Result: You get a generosity reward from us for your contribution for the rest of your life. Upon the eve of every year, an annual cheque will be posted to the address we have on file. This is our way of saying "Thank You" to you for being kind-hearted. You can spend however you like or consider it your alternative, hassle free income. It doesn't matter if you have only made your one time contribution or you're a frequent contributor because this annual cheque reward is yours to rest a lifetime. Of course, the more generous your are in contributing the bigger the reward you're likely to get. After all, your timely contributions are what this reward targets. It's that simple.

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